How does a brand balance respecting its legacy strengths while demonstrating confidence in a new direction? FutureBrand partnered with Kohler Co. to transform from a siloed internal combustion power business into an energy resilience leader championing wellbeing.

Our central idea focused on a “Resilient Together” strategy, reflecting their aspiration to bring a new standard of resilience to people, businesses and the planet, enabling grid independence and energy efficiencies for a changing climate.

With this strategic north star, the new Kohler Energy could own a fresh brand identity evoking forward movement and a sense of serenity, leveraging sustainability cues without greenwashing. The new look and feel elevates Kohler Energy, balancing unity and flexibility across the system — with a photography style that interplays natural light, diagonals, movement, and texture — and a voice that expresses a bold, adept and uplifting point of view.


Brand Architecture & Identity

Completed at FutureBrand, NY

Daniel Andersson
Lynne Field
Clare Smith
Cristina Vasquez
Raissa Schpatoff
Logan Sheehan
Rodrigo Palmieri
Kristopher Pelletier
Emily Hartnett
Julia Smith-Eppsteiner
Samar Ladhib
Nathan Frisch
Chad Thomas
Jillian Richards
Sam Emrich
Ryan Morace


Kohler Energy